Negro River 5 days & 4 nights

Negro River 5 days & 4 nights

Negro River 5 days & 4 nights

Negro River 5d4n

5 days and 4 nights
Negro River
Difficulty level: easy

This itinerary was designed to give the adventurous traveler with only a few days available to travel, the chance of having a complete and comfortable Amazon experience. The itinerary includes 4 nights onboard a private yacht, and a small tour around the city of Manaus. While on board, days are spent exploring the forest and the various riverside communities as well as the region’s beautiful beaches.

Day by day

  • Day 1 >

    Manaus, capital of the Amazon, is the starting point for your private yacht charter.  Once on board, start cruising up the Negro river, the largest tributary of the Amazon with beautiful, mosquito-free, black waters. The first stop is the Tupé community, where a group of Indigineous people from tribes of all over the Amazon live. They introduce you to the mysteries of the forest with ritual dances, and here is also a great place for a first swim in the river, before you continue upriver as as you sail through the sunset to a more remote area of the jungle.

  • Day 2 >

    Awake to the splendor of the Amazon Rainforest

    The day starts in a more remote area of the forest, known as Jaraqui, where your guide will introduce you to the subsistence lifestyle of this riverside community. You will also trek in the forest, learning to identify different forms of animal and plant life and the secretes of this incredible ecosystem.  Back at the boat,  have lunch  onboard while navigating towards the Anavilhanas National Park, to explore the largest river archipelago in the world as you cruise further upriver.

  • Day 3 >

    You wake up in a remote region of the Negro river for a canoeing expedition in areas of flooded forest. This beautiful region where was where reknown botanist, Margaret Mee, who is known for beautiful paintings of the forest’s flower species, lived.

    Explore this small community and do a trek in the forest with the locals.   As you have lunch the cruise continues through the hundreds of islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago until you reach the other shore of the Negro river. If the water levels are low enough, have dinner in a beautiful river beach under the stars.

  • Day 4 >

    Discover the rainforest

    In the morning explore the trails around Tumbira Community, where you will meet a native guide to show how locals live and interact with the largest forest in the World. There, you will walk inside the rainforest to observe its wildlife, mainly learning about plants and their many possible uses. Lunch will be at the boat while navigating towards the Acajatuba Lake, where you will spend the afternoon.

    During sunset head out on small speedboats to discover Ariau channel, a tributary narrow river where vegetation brings the wildlife closer to visitors. Great chance to spot iguanas, birds, sloths, monkeys and caimans.

  • Day 5 >

    Don´t miss the chance to see the sunrise on the Acajatuba river and experience the forest awake while cruising on the Ariaú channel. If you’re keen you can even give piranha fishing a go. Enjoy the last moments by the river and afterwards, board an amphibious single engine airplane to return to Manaus. You will have an amazing 30min panoramic flight around the rainforest and see from above the meeting of the Negro and Solimões river waters.  Land at Manaus airport and say farewell to the Amazon.


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