Negro River 6 days & 5 nights

Negro River 6 days & 5 nights

Negro River 6 days & 5 nights

Negro River 6 days & 5 nights

Negro River 6d5n

6 days and 5 nights
Negro River
Difficulty level: easy.

This itinerary was designed for those seeking to experience the most remote regions possible in 6 days in the Amazon, passing through two National Parks and different ecosystems of the World’s largest forest. The itinerary includes 5 nights and 6 days onboard a private yacht, and a quick tour around the city of Manaus. While onboard, days are spent exploring the forest while the nighttime is for cruising throughout the Negro river.

Day by day

  • Day 1 >

    If you arrive in Manaus early in the morning, take some time to visit the town before boarding on your private yacht. For your first adventure you will navigate for about 2hrs towards the Tupé Community, until you get to the huge Amapazeiro trees for a fun tree climbing. Late afternoon, the crew will have prepared a nice happy hour for you to watch the sunset. At night, visit the Tupé community to get to know their traditions. Afterwards, start cruising upriver towards the Anavilhanas National Park.

  • Day 2 >

    Awake to the splendor of the Amazon Rainforest.

    You will have navigated upriver during the night and will wake up inside the rainforest. Start the day hiking to the Grotos of Madadá, a small rocky point in the middle of the jungle, a rare fact in the Amazon. For about 3 to 4 hours you will meet hundreds of species of plants, some pointed out by your guide as important medicine resources for locals. To refresh from the walk, take a dive into Rio Negro waters before getting back onboard, and navigate north towards Jaú National Park. Enjoy the landscape on the second largest fluvial archipelago of the world, The Anavilhanas. At the end of the day stop by the Jaú entrance, your nest point to be visited the next day, and observe the birds flying to the river islands.

  • Day 3 >

    Around the forest

    After waking up at the calm Jaú waters, you will board on small motor boats at Carabinani river, and discover one of the pristine areas in the Amazon. Ride on small motor boats around this rocky river that crosses a big part of the park, while searching for the rich wildlife of Jaú National Park. A late lunch will be served on the yacht, while you navigate out of the park. In the afternoon, you will board again on small motor boats to reach the flooded rainforest by the meet of the Carabinani and the Negro rivers. Your guide can take you to a deeper part of the river for diving or for a walk on the forest.

  • Day 4 >

    Ruins from the past

    You will wake up today by Velho Airão and go for a walk through the ruins of this once very important village during the rubber golden age, in the 19th century. After the visit, go back to the yacht to navigate towards the Tumbira Igarapé, where you will get to know the work of the Sustainable Amazon Foundation, an environmental NGO that works in the region. At the end of the afternoon try your hand at a very fun piranha fishing!

  • Day 5 >

    Pink River Dolphins and an amazing sandy beach

    In the morning you will explore the Acajatuba river and might even have the chance to sight friendly pink dolphins, which are part of the Amazonian folklore. Afterwards, discover the Ariau channel, a tributary narrow river where vegetation brings the wildlife closer to visitors. Great chance to spot iguanas, birds, sloths, monkeys and caimans. In the afternoon move to the Iluminado riverbank in the middle of Rio Negro and enjoy the end of the day on one incredible beach by the river. At night, a special dinner will be set outdoor, if the weather helps.

  • Day 6 >

    Panoramic flight and the Meeting of the Waters

    In the morning enjoy the last moments by the river and afterwards, board an amphibious single engine airplane to return to Manaus. You will have an amazing 30min panoramic flight around the rainforest and see from above the meeting of the Negro and Solimões river waters. Land at Manaus airport and say goodbye to the Amazon.


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