Useful phrases in Brazilian Portuguese

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Brazilian Portuguese can be tricky for foreigners to master, and local dialects make communication still more complex. But efforts to communicate in Portuguese will be warmly appreciated, and mastering even a few basic phrases will enhance your trip. Note that Brazilians don’t take kindly to visitors trying to communicate with them in Spanish!

One thing to remember is that, due to masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives, some words differ according to whether the person speaking is male or female. For example, a male speaker wishing to thank somebody would say ‘obrigado’, and a female speaker would say ‘obrigada’.

Hello – Olá
Hi – Oi
Good morning!  – Bom dia!
Good afternoon! – Boa tarde!
Good night! – Boa noite!
Excuse me – Com licença
Sorry – Desculpe
Please – Por favor
Thank you – Obrigado (male speaker) / Obrigada (female speaker)
What time is it? – Que horas são?
May I…? – Posso…?
Nice to meet you – Prazer
My name is… – Meu nome é…
What is your name? – Como se chama?
Food – Comida
Dish of the day – Prato do dia
I am vegetarian/vegan – Eu sou vegetariano/vegano. (male speaker) / Eu sou vegetariana/vegana (female speaker)
Gluten-free – Sem glúten
Where is the…? Onde fica o/a…
Where is the bathroom? Onde é o banheiro?
Please may I use the bathroom? – Posso usar o banheiro por favor?
I am feeling unwell – Estou passando mal
Do you have…(cold water)? – Tem… (água gelada)?
I am looking for (a present)… – Estou procurando…(um presente)
What a beautiful view! – Que vista bonita!

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