Tapajós River 7 days & 6 nights

Tapajós River 7 days & 6 nights

Tapajós River 7 days & 6 nights

Tapajós River 7d6n

7 days & 6 nights
Tapajós River
Difficulty level: easy.

This itinerary was designed to give the adventurous traveler a very comprehensive perspective of one of the most scenic and culturally interesting areas of the Amazon, and what’s best: still undiscovered by mass tourism. Within a short cruising distance, you will experience the three Amazonian ecosystems – black, yellow, and the rare ‘blue’ water rivers.

Compared to the shorter itineraries, this trip offers a more relaxed pace and a more comprehensive overview of the region.

Day by day

  • Day 1 >

    This is the gateway to your Amazon expedition where the muddy coloured Amazon river meets the clear water Tapajós river – a breathtaking phenomenon. Board the Tupaiú boat and set off down the Tapajós River taking in the scenery around you. As the sun sets, stop on the first of the many beautiful beaches of this trip for a first swim into the delicious Tapajós River. It is perfectly safe to swim here! As dinner is served, cruise towards the dark waters of the Arapiuns river.

  • Day 2 >

    You will wake up in the beautiful waters of the Arapiuns river, in front of Atodi community; here a first trek into the forest led by a community member will be an ideal introduction to the forest. Finish the trek in a crystal clear water spring before returning to the boat. In the afternoon, spend some downtime in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Amazon – Ponta Grande. Those interested can visit a second community of Arimum – good for its handicracfts. A dinner on the beach is perfect to celebrate the first full day in the Amazon!

  • Day 3 >

    Wake up in front of Anã community – one of the most well organized and developed communities in the Arapiuns river. Visit the Fish farming, Honey production and learn how these projects give a real economic alternative for the sustainable development of the rainforest. From there, board the boat and change ecosystems completely: head towards the Jari channel, part of the Amazon river ecosystem with its murky waters. Explore this straight passage with more chances to spot wildlife and a first attempt at Piranha fishing! Watch the sunset in front of a bird sanctuary before setting sail towards the Maica Lake, in the Amazon river, arriving at night.

  • Day 4 >

    This day will be dedicated to get to know Alter do Chão, the most well-known village in the region. Start the day trekking up the hill for a special view of this outstanding landscape (approx. 1h30). Back down hill, visit the small village and be sure to stop by the Araribá Store displaying the best curated collection of Indians and communities handmade artifacts. Enjoy the afternoon relaxing at the Green Lake, and explore the Encantada Forest streams before going back on board. At night, enjoy a special dinner on the beach! *

    * This day may be changed depending on water levels.

  • Day 5 >

    Wake up in front of Jamaraquá community at the Tapajós National Florest – a protected environment, where a 4 hour trek will lead you to the heart of the primary forest where the giant trees are. A local guide will bring alive the different aspects of the forest in this very instructive trek. Back on the boat, set sail towards the beach of Cajutuba, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Amazon, to watch a final, spectacular sunset, and swim in the river.

  • Day 6 >

    This day is dedicated to relaxation! Spend the day at the beach, practicing water sports (hiking, swimming, paddling…) or lay by the beach reading a book or having drinks. Watch the last sunset in the Amazon and celebrate the end of this amazing trip.

  • Day 7 >

    Last day in the Amazon! The exact logistics of this day will depend on the time of your departure flight. For those leaving early, you will wake up close to Santarém, for those with a little more time, we can tailor this day according to your time and plans!


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